A casino is one of the most electric and dynamic environments imaginable, which largely contributes to the enjoyment of the overall gaming experience. The situation itself gets your juices flowing and you’re ready for some action.

When you enter a casino, you’ll notice that the lights are low, but the slot machines and blinking lights lend a certain glow to the place.  The smell of smoke and cash permeates the air while drinks flow non-stop. But, of course, you are here to win some money, so the first thing you do is look for the right game.

There is an endless selection of games to choose from depending on your preference. You decide to go with one that has a dealer, in this case, we will go to the Roulette table.

One of the benefits of going to the casino is that you get to interact with the croupier of the game. Another benefit is that, with an attractive dealer conducting the game, you can flirt your way to some big bucks.

The Flirt

The first step to getting the dealer’s attention is your appearance which has nothing to do with your physical attractiveness. Your attire has a significant effect on how the dealer treats you so it’s important that you dress to the nines. Dressing like you’ve just jumped off the bed into the casino will not cut it in this situation. First impressions are crucial, and you don’t want to give off the impression that you’re struggling in any way shape or form. Instead, you want to look like you just came from meeting some important people for a significant reason. Yes, people are that shallow.

Confidence is the next ingredient when looking to attract and keep the attention of a dealer. It’s important to note that confidence and arrogance are two completely different things. While confidence attracts, arrogance can really repel and be counterproductive in this case. So, lead with your confidence and check your arrogance at the door.

If you enter a room believing that you are the real deal and everyone else is just backup, it shows. That energy rubs off on anyone you meet and causes them to unwittingly treat you as such.

Making the bet

Gaming in MacauSo, you’ve made it to the table, dressed like a boss and trying to get that confidence going. So what is your next step? How do you conduct yourself while on the table? Do you reservedly place your chips on the table looking around unsure? Should you stand with your feet apart in a dominant pose or do you shrink into your seat on the table? Do you automatically make your presence known by being loud and obnoxious or do you calmly wait for direction?

The first thing to keep in mind is your body language. Don’t stand awkwardly with your hands crossed and a stern or unsure look on your face on the table. This automatically gives the impression that you are closed off and not interested in interacting with anyone. Now even though this may not necessarily be your end goal, you do want to have the odds stacked for you. A winning personality can only help you win some of that money, and maybe something extra later.

Once at the table, you can make the dealer more comfortable around you by mimicking her body language. This will subconsciously give her the impression that there are similarities between you two and it will draw them to you. Familiarity is a significant determinant in whether or not someone wants to be social with you and mimicking their movements fosters intimacy.

Now that you’ve made your presence known and captured the dealer’s attention, you have set the stage to emerge victorious. Now you only have to maintain that attention on you. Different people will show their interest in different ways but generally, men tend to be are more forward. However, women are trickier to read, so look out for certain types of reactions from them.

Women often show their interest through non-verbal cues like playing with their hair, flipping it or twirling it with her fingers. They may seductively lick their lips, smile sweetly and maintain direct eye contact for more than a few seconds. They will expect you to intuit that they are open to you making a move. However, if you don’t respond immediately notice that all these verbal cues go out the window. These cues do not work the other way around, so employ them at your own risk of looking creepy.

Cashing out

As a woman flirting your way into big wins, non-verbal cues with a suggestive innuendos go a long way throughout the game. And if the dealer is down with it, you can instantly tell and the odds will magically start going your way. It really is that easy for women. Now for men, it’s a whole other ball game.

Women love it when a man is direct and goes straight to the point with their intentions. In other words, when flirting with a female dealer, have your confidence together and be explicitly verbal. Don’t be the weird guy at the table that keeps staring constantly and making old man winking gestures at her. Compliment an attractive feature of hers, how smooth she is when conducting the game, you get the idea. Make sure she knows that you are interested, or if you really aren’t, put up a front to get the dealer on your side and better your chances of winning.

Do not, under any circumstances, show that you are more interested in the game than the dealer. Act like the dealer and your attraction to them is more important than the game at hand. If you successfully give off this vibe, the dealer will notice it and you’ll be winning more than usual.

It’s important to be genuine (or at least, genuinely convincing) in your flirtation with the dealer. If all you’re doing is watching the game, paying half felt compliments or small talk, the dealer will notice and you’ll lose their affections.

Flirting with a dealer is a form of art that you will get better at the more you practice. The pointers above should give you a good start in the game.

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