How To Make Money Gambling Online (No, Really!)

We know it sounds like a pipe dream, people getting rich on the internet through online gambling. Some of the information out there is farfetched, and the stories of some of the gamblers are extreme. However, there are ways to make money gambling online. Not sure how to get started? Keep reading for some thoughts about making money online through gambling. There are several different ways to gamble online if you have the opportunity and the expertise.

Gambling Online Via Sportsbooks

First, you need to know that gambling through sportsbooks is not legal everywhere in the United States. So, you need to make sure that online sports gambling is legal where you are. The legalization of sports betting has increased across the US since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports gambling. The Court ruled each state can decide to whether to legalize sportsbooks.

Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues

If you gamble in sports, you may want to begin with daily fantasy sports first. Draft Kings and FanDuel are legal across much of the United States. Both websites offer sports fans the ability to bet on sports using fantasy leagues and win money. FanDuel and Draft Kings offer free league play, especially to beginners. This offer allows you to get your feet wet in fantasy sports leagues without using your own money. The websites have daily, weekly, and season-long games for fantasy sports fans.


SportsbooksMany sportsbook websites offer beginners free games or bonus games for very little money. Sportsbook websites offer games that you can play every weekend, as well as games that run for an entire season. In general though, most sportsbooks are used for daily bets on specific college and pro teams over the weekend.

Before you begin gambling, you will need to become familiar with the terms and rules of sports betting. Many websites give you basic rules of sportsbooks and definitions of terms. Some websites even give you tips on which teams to bet on during the season. It is best with sports betting to begin small, and then move towards larger bets once you understand how sports betting works.

As with all types of gambling, before you begin, you need to have a bankroll. In other words, use what you can afford to lose without crying over it. If you have a budget going into your games, you will know when to quit, or what your break even amount is. Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment—and that’s how you need to treat it.

Matched Betting and Sportsbooks

matched bettingIf you are going to try doing matched betting with sportsbooks, you do need to understand the basic terminology.

First, a back bet is a type of bet used in online sportsbooks. If you are betting for a particular outcome, and you win, you win your money back plus additional money. For example, let’s say you bet last year that the Eagles would win the Super Bowl. You would have won back the amount of money you bet on the game plus additional money. If the Eagles lost the game, or didn’t cover the spread given for the game, you would have lost the amount you bet. However, if you played with the sportsbooks’ money, the amount you lost would have been the sportsbooks’ money, not yours.

If you are betting against an outcome of a game, it is called a lay bet. An example of this bet is when you bet against a team. If you would have bet on the Eagles to lose the Super Bowl, you would have lost. Had you bet on the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl, you would have won your bet. If you are playing a matched bet, as with the back bet, the lay bet would mean that you are not losing your money either way.

Often, you would be able to bet on a sportsbook using your free bet on the back bet, and then match it with the lay bet. If you do that, you are matching your bet, so that either way you bet the outcome, you make a profit.

Other Forms of Gambling

rouletteMany people who have made money from casino gambling use the matched betting technique. Matched betting means before you play a casino game, you look for offers from casinos that either give you free money, or match your deposit on their websites. The goal is that when you gamble on casino websites, you are not gambling with your money, but the casino’s money instead.

Not everyone makes money gambling online using the matched betting technique. But, it’s always a good idea to use someone else’s money to make money, especially when your bankroll is small.

What Is Matched Betting in an Online Casino?

online betting casinoMatched betting means that for a certain amount you deposit at an online casino, the casino will match that amount dollar for dollar. The reason casinos (and sportsbooks, to an extent) use matched betting is to attract new customers to its website. Matched betting does not always happen with sportsbooks. You will see it most often during large sporting events. Examples of those events include the World Cup and the Super Bowl.

Matched betting at online casinos comes in several different forms. At some casinos, the online casino will match your deposit dollar for dollar. At other casinos, there are rules for matched betting. For example, an online casino will match your deposit dollar for dollar, but you have to allow the deposit to be in the account for a specific period of time.

When you are matching bets at an online casino, you want to play as much as possible with the casino’s money. This may require you open accounts at several different casino websites to make sure that you are maximizing the matched bet money.

Know the Odds

If you use matched betting to gamble, you need to understand the odds of casino games online. All online casino websites advertise their odds for each game as part of their website. Some of the online casinos tell you the odds for each game up front, while for other games, you have to look around for the odds. You will want to find a casino game that you are familiar with and gives you a decent chance of winning. In theory, you want to find a game that returns at least 90 percent of the take in the game to the gamblers. However, if there is a game you are good at, you may want to play it even if the return is less than 90 percent. In online gaming—as with gambling in general—knowing what you’re doing is important.

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