There is a specific type of woman who often gives other girls a bad name.

The Gold Digger

Her only purpose of entering a relationship is to achieve personal financial gain. She won’t care about the man in question. Her only interests are in money, designer clothes, the latest gadgets, material goods, jewelry, and expensive vacations. Personality, looks, morals … none of those things matters to a gold digger. The only thing she cares about is the content of a man’s wallet.

While there are gold-digging women to be found pretty much everywhere just looking for an easy ride, you’re most likely to spot them in places where the rich men are. And, where better than in a casino? Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau, if you spot a stunning girl on the arm of an elderly, unattractive man who just happens to be wearing a Rolex, you can guarantee she’s going to be a gold digger.

So, the next time you’re in a casino, how are you going to spot a gold digger, and, more importantly, protect yourself from her?

While most women will be able to spot a gold digger from a mile away, it seems that men often struggle to identify one, even up close. Perhaps, this is because gold diggers are so good at their self-styled job they manage to convince their target they are genuinely interested in him. However, if the girl on your arm is too good to be true, you could well be on your way to becoming a victim. So, guard your wallet carefully and before you splash the cash, look at this list of gold-digger traits to see if any of them apply to the woman who is making a play for you on the casino floor.

The Traits of The Gold Digger

casino-gold-girlUnfortunately, men often seem to have tremendous difficulty in spotting gold diggers, even when it seems patently clear to everyone else in the room. So, here is a quick guide to some of the traits you should be looking for in this particular type of woman.

She’s Working on Those Good Looks

A gold digger will be working her hardest to look attractive. While she may not actually be a stunner, she’s going to try her best to look like one and that means plastic surgery, collagen implants, Botox, and a nose job, as well as fake nails, eyelashes, dyed hair, and artfully applied makeup. You will definitely be able to tell this girl has made an extreme effort to look gorgeous. While many gold diggers are young women, not all of them are as youthful as they may seem. There are certainly older gold diggers out there, too, and they will be even more obvious since they have to work even harder to look good. While they may look fabulous from a distance, get closer and you’ll see that they aren’t as natural as they seem.

She’s Got Sex Appeal

gold-digger-sexappealA gold digger’s greatest selling point is her sex appeal, and that’s what she’s planning on using to snare the man of her choice. That means she’ll be maximizing those assets, with low-cut tops, provocatively tight outfits, short dresses, and towering heels. While her clothing may look expensive, it may well be a cheap copy of catwalk styles. When you get closer, you might notice that its quality isn’t quite up to scratch. A gold digger will wear this type of clothing wherever she happens to be, so it’s likely that she might look out of place depending on where you encounter her. If she’s wandering around the hotel pool in 5-inch heels and a miniskirt, you can probably guess her true purpose.

Alone or with an Older Man

A gold digger will either be working the room alone if she hasn’t managed to snare a rich man yet, or she’ll be hanging on the arm of a wealthy man who will usually be on the mature side, or even downright elderly.

She’s Overly Attentive

While many women flirt when they’re trying to attract a man, a gold digger will really take it over the top. She wants to flatter you, so you’ll find her irresistible. If her flattery and flirtation are ridiculously over the top, don’t be taken in. It’s your winnings she’s interested in, not your scintillating personality.

She Has Expensive Tastes

hot-girl-drink-casinoIf you offer to buy her a drink or a meal and she doesn’t hesitate before ordering the most extravagant and expensive item on the menu, it’s time to think again about your date. Having expensive tastes is one of the key signs of a gold digger.

She Has No Job

If you strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman and she reveals that she has no job, no career plans, and no ambition, there’s a good chance she’s planning on making gold digging her full-time employment. A gold digger is looking for a rich man to take care of her, so she’ll never have to do an honest day’s work in her life.

She Asks Intrusive Questions About Your Lifestyle

Of course, any girl who is genuinely interested in you is likely to ask you questions about your life, but there’s a limit. If she’s asking very intrusive questions that seem to be solely geared toward financial transactions, take this as a red flag. If she seems more interested in your job, your bank account, your home, and your car than she is in you as a person, your interests, and opinions, she’s definitely gold digging. A gold digger doesn’t really care about your personality. All she cares about is how much money you have tucked away in the bank.

She Disrespects Lower-Status Men

If she treats men who are clearly not wealthy in a disrespectful manner but is all over obviously rich guys, you can be fairly confident that you’re looking at a gold digger. If she’s rude to the waiter or bartender as you sit at the counter, but is a delight to be with when surrounded by winners, you have your answer. A nice girl will be polite to everyone, and not only those who are clearly wealthy.

She’s on The Lookout for Winning Streaks

girls-hotel-casinoWhile you’re wandering around the casino looking for the next table to join, look at the women around you. A gold digger in a casino will often be found hanging around the tables where a single guy appears to be on a winning streak. You’ll be able to see her hovering around his elbow, flirting wildly, and stroking his ego in the hope that he’ll be lavishing some of his profits on her. Make sure you aren’t that guy.

It pays to keep your eyes open when in the casino and pay close attention to what’s going on at the table around you. Once you start looking, you’re sure to spot several of these gold-digging women hanging around waiting to hook their next fish. You’d be well advised to give them a wide berth. Just feel sorry for the poor sap who will be the next to fall for their false charms, and make sure that it won’t be you!

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