Ice creams have been around for centuries now, with the very first mention and use being in the Middle East as early as 200 B.C. No country or person can take credit for the invention of the ice cream globally. Ice creams are typically frozen and sweetened food, usually eaten as a dessert or snack. Currently, ice creams have global recognition and are a favorite for people of all ages, race, and gender.

Ice creams are a result of a combination of various products, the most common being pure milk and milk products. Other products include soy, coconut, almond milk, or cashew. Additives like sugar and spices like vanilla or cocoa are included in the production to sweeten the cream. The mixture is stirred, a process that incorporates air spaces, then frozen. Freezing the combination prevents the formation of ice crystals. Once the mix is frozen and crystallized, the result is an impressive, semi-solid, soft, and smooth, tasty ice cream.

Ice cream is classified depending on the flavor and quantity of the main ingredients used in its production. Ice creams come in a variety of shapes and flavors, depending on the ingredients and the production process.

Ice cream in Vegas

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The popularity and use of ice cream are on a global level. In the United States, ice creams are a favorite snack for millions of people. Millions of pieces of ice creams are consumed daily, and the ice cream production and sale of ice creams is a booming, multi-million-dollar industry. Las Vegas, a thriving metropolis in Nevada, has a population that cannot get enough of ice creams. Renown for the wild parties, gambling and as a merrymaking city, ice cream squeezes into the list of things that make Vegas famous. The demand for ice creams in Vegas has resulted in a number of factors that have made ice cream a favorite snack and dessert for many.

Tens of ice cream parlors dot the Vegas landscape. The proliferation of the parlors is because of the insatiable appetite of the Vegas population towards ice creams. The booming and regulated ice cream parlor business continues to thrive, although it has seen a revolution over the recent years.

Ice cream popularity

It appears that the demand and intake of ice creams steam from the sometimes-soaring temperatures in Vegas. As a frozen snack, ice creams are used to curl up during the day’s heat, in addition to its ability as high energy giving food. The warm weather of Las Vegas seems to have resulted in a population that cannot get enough of the tasty ice creams. The easy availability of the ice creams from the many parlors has also made the popularity of ice creams to spread.

Ice creams sales in Vegas are usually at their peak during the warm and hot seasons. Some ice cream enthusiasts have also been known to indulge even in the cold freezing weather!

The best ice creams in Vegas

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Ice creams come in a variety of distinctive flavors that differentiate the various types available in the market. The main distinction is usually the cream, the main ingredient used in production. Trends in Las Vegas show that the people are drawn to particular flavors of ice creams as compared to others. There are several flavors available, but statistics indicate that some brands and types are more popular than others are. Settling on a particular flavor of ice cream might be challenging because almost all of them are sweet, refreshing, and tantalizing.

Some of the most popular sampled ice creams in Las Vegas include the following, in no particular order

  • Cold Stone Creamery– an ice cream fanatics dream, check out the available flavors available in the range of this ice cream brand.
  • Amorino Gelato– available in a variety of flavors, the Italian-themed ice creams will get your taste buds tingled.
  • Rolled Ice Cream– the fresh, sweet and thrilling ice cream brands come in various flavors
  • Luv-it Frozen Custard– a favorite of many, the ice creams are available in original flavors.
  • Bacchanal Buffet– the mouthwatering ‘ice cream sandwich’ is a dessert-oriented ice cream that is worth every bite, and will leave you refreshed and fully satisfied.

There are tens of other ice cream brands that are worth checking out in Vegas. People’s taste in the types of ice creams varies, but some of the brands stand out.

Outstanding ice cream outlets in Vegas

Some of the mentioned ice cream brands also double up like ice cream parlors in Vegas. The parlors have over the years built a brand that is unique, and easily identifiable and differentiated to the others in the market.

Some ice cream parlors in Vegas go back several years, building a reputation and a name for themselves. Other parlors were handed down over generations, maintaining strict recipe for their ice cream brands that endear them to thousands of ice cream enthusiasts. Many ice cream outlets have also tried out new ice cream flavors and mix to bring out refreshing tastes.

There are many parlors strategically located in various places in Vegas to reach the broader ice cream market. A large number of ice cream lovers have resulted in a mushrooming boom of the ice parlors trying to have a share of the market.

The most outstanding ice cream parlors in Las Vegas in 2019 include the following, stated in no particular order;

  • Bacchanal Buffet– located in the heart of the city at Caesars Place, serving close to 500 items daily. Bacchanal Buffet is renowned for its exclusive line of tasty and mouthwatering ice cream flavors. The spot is a favorite go-to place for ice cream lovers in Vegas.
  • Café Gelato– this gorgeous café located at the Bellagio is a gracious, famous spot for ice cream enthusiast in Las Vegas. There are a variety of ice cream flavors served at this location, the favorites including pistachio, rum-raisin, and banana-toffee crunch among many others.
  • Luv-it Frozen Custard– a trip to Vegas is incomplete without sampling the tantalizing flavors of ice creams available at Luv-it Frozen Custard. The family-owned business of over four generations has been operational since 1973. Found at 505 E. Oakley Blvd. the outlet is renowned for its unique and sweet ice creams, with over 20 varieties of the frozen custard available.
  • The Perq-this location is famous as a specialty in coffee, found at the SLS Las Vegas. The parlor also stocks some brands of exquisite ice cream.
  • Trevi– located at the Forum Shops at Caesars Place, this is a favorite spot not only for the Italian cuisines, but also for its popular brands of ice creams that come in various flavors.
  • Calamity Jane’s– found at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, the western-themed hotel is renowned for its wide array of ice cream flavors and brands.
  • Wicked Spoon– located in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, this is the ultimate location for ice cream lovers looking to sample some exquisite flavors.


The many ice cream parlors continue to fill in the gap of a population that cannot get enough of ice cream in Vegas. Many more such parlors are opening up, while for the existing ones, the goal is to maintain standards of the ice cream loving population.

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