Top Five Mobile Apps 2018

Great mobile apps can make life so much easier while badly designed and implemented apps have the exact opposite effect. But, with thousands of apps vying for your attention, how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Downloading, installing, and trying each app from the Play Store is next to impossible. You will die of fatigue before you can even create a short list. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that. Here is a list of the top five useful mobile apps for 2018.

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

If you are searching for the best video calling app, then you need to look no further than Google Duo. Available in both Android and iOS, it is simply the best video calling app available on the market today. Period. It is way ahead of its competitors in terms of audio and video quality, as well as ease of use. Its simple and uncluttered interface makes it a delight to use. Logging in and verifying your number is so easy that you will never get it wrong. Making a video call is as easy as making a normal phone call.

With Google Duo, you can make video calls in high definition – 720p HD video to be exact. As you may already know, high definition means a very high degree of detail in an image, video or sound. The app can operate with low-bandwidth networks so you won’t have to worry if your connection is slow.

Perhaps what you will appreciate the most is that the app is based on phone numbers. This allows you to call someone directly from your contact list. Also, Google designed the app to automatically switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. A feature called “Knock Knock” lets you see a live preview of the caller. If the recipient is unavailable, you can leave a message of up to 30 seconds long.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Looking for the most advanced virtual assistant for your Android or iOS device? Google Assistant is just the thing you want. It is the best virtual assistant app available today. This app makes the lives of mobile device users easier. It helps you get a lot of things done without your having to touch a button. You can use it to:

  •      Navigate using Google Map and voice commands.
  •      Messages and communications, such as, “Call Leonardo!” or “Read Mary’s message.”
  •      Run apps. Just tell the app to run an app installed on your mobile device.
  •      Play games. Tell the app to start a game.
  •      Ask questions, such as “What events do I have lined up for tomorrow?”
  •      Find e-mails within Gmail, e.g., “Find my e-mails from Jessica.”
  •      Schedule events. Give the app event name, date, and time.
  •      Set reminders for a specific time and day, e.g., “Remind me to call Janet at 1 p.m. on Sunday.”
  •      Search the Internet. Search results appear in a card format so you can open each page by tapping it.
  •      Adjust hardware settings. Just tell the app to change a hardware setting.
  •      See information from your Google account.

Google Assistant is capable of engaging in a two-way conversation with the user. It uses Google’s natural language processing algorithm, which makes it possible to interact with it using your natural voice. But, you can also use the keyboard in case it fails to recognize your voice.

Google has announced that the future versions will have the ability to identify objects and gather visual information. Also, in the offing are plans to incorporate support for purchasing products, sending money, and identifying songs. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Needless to mention, Google developed this app and it is available for free.

3. Whatsapp


Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that you can use to communicate with other Whatsapp users using your phone’s VoIP service. This free-to-use app has its largest user base in India, where it is the dominant instant messaging system. It is also wildly popular in Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, and large parts of Europe. In February 2018, its user base was more than 1.5 billion strong.

The qualities that make Whatsapp so desirable include a simple user interface and the ease of sending messages. It lets you send text messages and voices messages to other Whatsapp users. You simply have to have their cell numbers in your contact list. The app supports images and videos in a variety of formats. It allows you to share links, images, and videos. It also allows you to make voice calls to other Whatsapp users.

One more reason for Whatsapp’s popularity is it is the most secure messaging app for Android devices. It is also available for iOS devices. The app is also accessible from a desktop or laptop computer. It is free to download and use.

Whatsapp Inc. developed the app. Whatsapp Inc. is a Mountain View, Calif.-based tech company. Facebook purchased the company for a reported $19.3 billion in 2014.

4. WPS Office

WPS Office is an all-in-one Office Suite application that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. The app gives you the power of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your mobile device. Not only that, it lets you integrate Google docs, PDF files, spreadsheets, presentations, and memos. It also comes with a free PDF reader, editor, and converter.

Among its other capabilities are file sharing abilities, data encryption, and support for multi-window mode. This easy-to-use app connects automatically to the Cloud Drive to save your documents in the Cloud platform. The app is available for Android, iOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

The Chinese software developer Kingsoft designed the app. For a time, the company called it KSOffice. Later, its name became WPS Office. It is very easy to confuse it with Microsoft Office because it has a very similar user interface. Considering all, WPS is the best Office Suite mobile app available today.

5. Unified Remote

Are you looking for a way to control your PC from your Android phone? Unified Remote allows you to do just that. This app connects to your computer using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely control it. But, you have to install a server program on the app before you can use it.

Unified Remote supports computers with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and comes with support for nearly 100 widely used programs. These programs include YouTube, Windows Media Player, Spotify, and VLC Media Player. It has a feature called “Wake on LAN,” which allows you to wake up your PC from sleep mode remotely. You can even use this app to control an Arduino Yun or a Raspberry Pi. You can do all this with the free version of the app.

Get a paid version of the app and you will have access to a multitude of features, such as custom remote and several Android wear functions. Unified Remote is truly the best app in its category and the free version comes with almost everything you need. The Swedish software company Unified Intents developed this app.

Other apps

Other high-quality and useful mobile apps you should check out include Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and Google News. You should also look at Automate, Nova Launcher, Navigation Gestures, MX Player, Swiftkey, ES File Explorer, PicsArt, Xender, and Alarmy. Rounding out the list are these apps: Feedly, Tiny Scanner, LastPass, Shazam, and Habit Tracker.

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