Top Five Reasons You Should Give Up Your Day Job

With a new year and the holidays fast approaching, it will soon be time for people to re-evaluate their lives. At such moments, they also reflect on some of the professional and personal goals they’ve achieved or want to achieve.

But, after a whole year of dissatisfaction in their jobs, the story becomes different. The holiday season becomes the time of the year when these people opt to do something to change their situations. They must ask themselves the hard question. Should I keep the job I have, or should I quit and embark on a new career path?

Many times, people know that their jobs do not impress them. But they are also afraid of being impulsive and giving up on them. Are you still in doubt about whether you should give up your job? Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider it.

1. It No Longer Brings You Joy

boring jobWhen you love your job, then you probably love the daily grind that comes with it. You become so involved in it that, before you know it, it is 10 p.m. The day has flown by because you spent so much time focusing on your work. Now, however, it has reached the point where you dread getting out of the bed and starting a new day. This means things are not right.

Now would be the best time to think about some hard facts. You should examine truths, such as your life is yours and all you have is every single day.

When you can find joy in each day and in each little thing, then your life becomes worthwhile. Looking for a job that you truly love will help you to find true happiness and personal fulfillment. It does not matter what has changed in your job industry. But it becomes serious when you dread reporting back to work. This would be the right time to examine if you are resistant to change. You might be left with no job if the pattern develops further.

2. You Do Not Foresee Any Improvement

The other thing you need to check in the company at which you work is the upward mobility. You see that your company has several assistants and executives. However, you also notice there are no opportunities for you to advance.

At times, you could also be climbing the corporate ladder, but your quality of life is not improving. If this is what you are experiencing, then it is time to address the realities of your job. Check and see if they match what your life goals are. Life is all about happiness. And, if that is something you cannot find in your job, then you should leave it and move on.

3. Your Company Is Undergoing a Downward Spiral

company declineAnother reason that would prompt you to quit your job is if your company is experiencing a downward spiral. You cannot continue to work in a company that loses customers and money and convince yourself your future is secure.

Such companies do not miss rumors of possible closures. These are usually caused by factors, such as a bankruptcy. Serving in a company like that is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. When senior company workers start to meet behind closed doors, it is probably time to quit. Do not continue to work in fear. A stagnant working environment only provokes anxiety and stress.

The only thing that will make a person stay in a failing work environment is fear. You could be too afraid to make that move and let your life take a new direction. However, the fear is just another sign that you should part ways with your current job. If taking the risk does not scare you, then giving up the job for your own betterment might.

It is not logical to stay somewhere because you are too afraid to quit. All you need to do is to gather the courage and take the risk.

4. Your Personal Values Are at Odds

When your values do not agree with the corporate culture then it is time to quit your job. You could work in an egalitarian company and have your own beliefs. It could be something as small as assigned parking lots for all salaried workers that creates the opposition. Or, perhaps, you could be against the idea of holding annual employee satisfaction surveys.

If you want to affect every aspect of your work, then you can’t work in a hierarchy. It doesn’t matter where the clash is, your attitude at work will be greatly affected by the lack of congruence. Once you have identified this kind of clash, the best thing to do would be to leave quickly. It is high time you learn the situation may not improve. Continuing to stay might just make things worse.

There are also other times that you could become convinced that your personal values aren’t doing the company right. For any reason, you might have behaved in a manner that is not proper. You might have just developed the reputation of being a slacker or a loser. Missing several days of work could cause this reputation. Such reputations are so hard to change once you have earned them.

You might just give up your job and venture elsewhere when you have the opportunity.

5. You Have No Mentors

You do not have advocates in the workplace. This is another time to think about giving up your job. This is a situation where your colleagues and superiors are not willing to assist or mentor you. It would be best to part ways with your current job if you feel isolated most of the time.

You could be doing a good job, but all around you are mediocre co-workers. They do not see the good in you. When that is the case, it is time to quit. The same applies to a situation where you have no advocates because you are not doing a good job. You won’t grow in an environment where people won’t correct you or allow you to learn from your mistakes.

Such situations can lead you to burn bridges with your fellow workers. When you are not getting along in an ecosystem that needs everyone to work together, then things are wrong. You should not wait for more signs. Quit. There is a certain point when the reason might really matter. It might be better to work in a new environment and resolve never to find yourself in a similar situation.

You might have exhausted all the resources to resolve the matter and are left with one: give up your job.


You have tried several ways to make your job work and they have all failed. So, what’s next? The best thing to do is just listen to your heart and quit. Many situations are nearly impossible to solve. And, it is always important to put your best interests first. If you continue to stay in a bad situation, you will not only break your heart but also kill your spirit.

The only solution you have would be to quit.

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