The event’s history

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Burning Man, art, and community event is an annual festivity that brings together tens of thousands of participants. The festival that began over two decades ago continues to draw masses of world celebrities and thousands of people annually. From the history books, the very first Burning Man festival was back in 1986. Larry Harvey, a renowned artist of his time, burned down a wooden man’s sculpture and took it deep into the desert in Nevada. The daring yet straightforward venture of Harvey saw the birth of an event that today receives global recognition. The number of participants has been on a steady increase in recent years, surpassing the 50,000 marks in 2010.

From 1990, the Burning Man festivity has been happening on an annual basis, at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The event attracts thousands of participants, with some of them being renowned world figures and celebrities. The event usually happens between last Monday in August and first Monday of September. The schedule for this year’s event is between August 25th to September 2nd. Burning Man receives backing from Silicon Valley Moguls and world renown billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

What the event entails

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Burning Man, otherwise known as Black Rock City, is a temporal metropolis of art and community lovers. Black Rock City, just like any other metropolitan, has all the necessary amenities and facilities, from bars, hospitals to a post office and a private airport. The commerce-free city only trades in coffee and ice cream! The participants can temporarily indulge in fun and enjoyable activities and experience the very best of art and community.

 Calling themselves ‘Burners’ the event participants meet to showcase and experience exquisite and unique artistry. The event involves some unique art installations at the venue, with participants dressed in wild costumes and of course, the scintillating and beautiful musicals. Burning Man is incomplete without the flashing lights, culminating in the iconic burning down of the magnificent and majestic sculpture.

How to get into the event?

Although the event appears to be a free-for-all, it is not as easy as it seems. One has to undergo a rigorous and meticulous application process, with an attached application fee. People partaking the main event have to fork out between $425-$1000. The participants can also apply for the low-income tickets that cost about $190, although the process is a bit restrictive. It is a prerequisite of all participants to have a ticket.

You can access the event site via road or fly exclusively to the private airport temporarily installed in the area.

The participants also have to prepare their camping gear, and it is expected of them to purchase wild costumes specifically for the event.

With thousands of participants showing their willingness to participate in this year’s event, they are advised to prepare in advance.

The event is free for people of all walks of life, tribe, religion, and race to participate in with no restrictions.

The event organizers prohibit dogs, guns and fireworks, measures aimed at making the event more secure for everyone.

The preferred and recommended means of transport at the event site are either bicycle or go on foot. There is a restriction on vehicles at the venue of the event following numerous accidents reported, and participants should drive at 5 miles per hour.

The participants are expected to uphold the highest form of personal discipline and general civic responsibility for all.

What to expect during this year’s event

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The Burning Man 2019 event looks promising, and the event organizers are expecting a total ticket sell-out. Many prominent personalities are amongst the thousands of people expected to grace this year’s event. The participant’s expectations are sky high, and the organizers are putting everything in place not to disappoint.

This year’s event promises to be one of its best in the history of Burning Man. The organizers are expecting to deliver a thrilling, unforgettable experience to the thousands of revelers who will take part in the event. Following the immense and massive success of the recent events, this year’s Burning Man Festival can only get better.

The organizers are looking to build on the success of the most recent Burning Man festivities. The projections are a higher number of participants compared to last year’s event. The plans for the event are in top gear currently, and organizers are leaving nothing to chance to host the most elegant shows ever.

There are various laid out activities that the organizers are planning for the participants to enjoy.

2019 Burning Man festivities Layout

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This year’s festivity is a culmination of meticulous planning by the dedicated team of organizers. The participants are anticipating the very best of the Burning Man festival, especially those that have previously participated in the event.

Below is what the participants should look out for in the 2019 Burning Man festival

Ø  Burning Man 2019 Art theme is Metamorphoses. Participants should expect a colorful, artistic, and unique display of some of the most exquisite pieces of art.

Ø  Burning Man 2019 installations- there are various installations that the participants should watch out for during this year’s Burning Man festivity. The organizers have lined up some incredible illustrations from around the world that are unique and outstanding. Some of the projected installations include; Archaeopteryx by Nicholas Debruyne, Awful Gas and Snack by Matthew Gerring and Crank Factory, Bee Divine Hive Temple from a collection of artists. Other exclusive installations are the Bee or Not to Be by Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson and the Carousel Zarya by Carousel Zarya amongst many more installations.

Anyone can participate in many ways in this year’s Burning Man festivity. Taking part in the event includes helping create the city and interacting with the thousands of participants. As a social event, many people look forward to meeting and interacting with new people.

Interested people can create artistic installations, or get involved in the performance at the venue. Participants are also encouraged to volunteer for the building of the Black Rock City. Those participating for the first time in the event are highly encouraged to volunteer to get the ropes of the event. The building of the venue begins about three weeks to the scheduled date. Some volunteers also remain behind to clear up and clean the site.

People visiting the Burning Man event this year can be involved in the participation videos. The videos are created to re-live the event, and are for entertainment, to enlighten and for education about Burning Man culture.

What the future holds

Burning Man festivities seem to be picking up momentum with every passing event. The organizers are finding new and creative ways to make it safer and more engaging for all participants. The numbers of participants will only continue to rise, especially with the success of each event. There have been concerns from the authorities about environmental impact and safety. The organizers are focused on ensuring that the event complies with all the laid-out laws and regulations.

The future seems bright for the ‘Burners’ brigade, as the planners are focusing on building a community that is close-knit and together. This year’s event promises to be one of the finest in Burning Man’s history.


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