The art of meditation has been used for centuries by people world over for various purposes. Meditation has been known over the years to improve the focus of the mind and improve thoughts and the state of mind. Meditation has been around for ages now and is as old as civilization itself. The method is observed and practiced by many religious and traditional groups the world over. Meditation as a religion is a useful tool to achieve self-realization and enlightenment.

Meditation is defined as training on attention and awareness by focusing the mind on a specified particular object, activity, or thought. The goal of meditation is to achieve a clear mental status, be calm emotionally, and maintain a stable state of mind. Although the definition has proven to be hard to define for scholars clearly, the focus is always to maintain and retain a steady state of mind. The time taken for meditation is not fixed and varies from minutes to even hours.

People around the world have mastered the art of meditation. The numerous benefits resulting from meditation have resulted in the practice inculcated in other aspects of people’s daily lives. One area that meditation has shown remarkable results is in gambling. Gambling is a rigorous, intense, and involving game that requires keen observation, calm, and mastering winning strategies.


Gambling and meditation

Gambling enthusiasts realized that they could effectively use meditation to better their outcomes. The realization was arrived at following the resemblance in the two practices, gambling, and meditation. Although gambling may appear to be full of chaos and sometimes associated with violence, a keen and closer look says otherwise.

 Successful gamblers will tell you how important it is to remain calm, make steady moves, and have a clear state of mind. The calmness and steadiness during the game usually assure of better outcomes. A closer observation of a gambling game, on whatever platform, whether virtual or real, paints a picture that is relatable to meditation.

The gambling process is also exhilarating and comes with increased stress associated with the risks of the game. The highs and lows of the game, the winning and losses, and the suspense during gambling can have its toll on a person’s state of mind. Sometimes making irrational decisions during a game can be costly during a game. When you take charge of yourself, the emotions and state of mind, during and after the game, it determines how successful you will be as a gambler. The best way to take charge of yourself, emotions, and state of mind combined, is by the use of meditation.


Use of meditation in gambling

The main reason why many gamblers are indulging in meditation is to better their winning probabilities and improve their state of mind. When meditation is used correctly in gambling, it will help alleviate the stress that comes with being involved in gambling.

Below are some of the ways to use meditation in gambling;

  • Improve memory– studies have shown that meditation is an active process of improving memory. A good memory is a vital tool that a gambler can use to enhance their gambling skills, which reflects in better outcomes. Players need to have a good memory of card counters and game strategies that will eventually help them win the game. Therefore, meditation can be successfully used to help gamblers improve their mastery of the game and help them succeed.
  • Reduce anxiety– meditation helps in keeping a clear mind free of worry. Less stress in a gambling game helps in right judgment and in making correct decisions. Certain aspects of the game like a losing streak need one not to be anxious. Anxiety can lead one to make irrational decisions that can prove to be costly. Meditation helps in keeping a more relaxed, less anxious state of mind.
  • Improve focus– gambling requires keen and ultimate attention on the game, to make the correct judgment. Gamblers have to entirely focus on the game and avoid distractions to improve their winning chances. The meditation process involves adjusting one’s mind and thoughts to focus on a particular object. Meditation can help enhance the gambler’s focus ability, which is essential during a game.
  • Better health– the rigorous, intense, and involving gambling process can have a toll on a person’s health, especially emotionally and even physically. The intensity of the game can result in medical problems like pressure, which can result in heart disease. Studies link meditation to a reduction of blood pressure, lowers the heart rate, and helps in breathing. Meditation will go a long way in reducing the health implications that are associated with gambling.
  • Stress reduction– the highs and loss in the gambling associated with the wins and failures of the game can result in stress. Meditation helps you manage your emotions and reduce stress, not only in gaming but also in other aspects of your life.

All the mentioned befits of gambling results in better experiences when gambling, improved, and good health of the gamblers.


The meditation process

Meditation requires ultimate dedication and focus on making the practice a part of your life. Gamblers who have never tried out meditation before might initially find the process a bit challenging. The secret in getting into successful meditation is to plan and dedicate some time to the process carefully. 

As a beginner, one can start by dedicating as little as two minutes a day for meditation. A good thing with meditation is that it does not require any tools or equipment; all you need is a calm, quiet space.

Once you get a quiet spot, settle in a comfortable sitting position, on either the floor or chair. Once you settle in, start by focusing on your breathing, slowing it down gradually. Try not to be distracted by thoughts, by focusing entirely on the breathing process.

An effective way of focusing entirely on your breathing is counting, say from one to 10 then count again backward, repeatedly. Ensure you have set your alarm on to remind you when the expected time for the meditation is over.

Meditation mastery

To be successful in meditation, one needs to make the meditation process a habit. A successful meditation process requires ultimate dedication, attention, focus, and concentration. Making it a habit to meditate daily will help in mastering the art of meditation.

The use of technology can also go a long way in helping one to settle into meditation. There are many tutorials and meditation music available online to assist in the process and progress. Try out the various meditations processes available and settle on one that fits you comfortably and conveniently.

Once you get used to meditation, the results of the process will start becoming real in all aspects of your life. It is essential for one to be resilient and patient when trying out meditation, and not give up quickly on the process. The results of meditation will eventually become evident in all areas of your life, including gambling.


Meditation can effectively be used by gamblers to make them better, more focused, and less stressed players. Gamblers can successfully use the meditation process to make them better players and improve their being overall.

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