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The advancement of cryptocurrency being used in the world of online gambling has taken another step forward. Rich Casino has proudly announced its intentions to begin accepting Ethereum payments.

Although not as widely heard of as Bitcoin, Ethereum is a fast-growing cryptocurrency that has produced a viable solution for the digital world. Rich Casino now believes it will be able to attract even more members to its casino by introducing Ethereum. It will be used by a member to not only pay for his or her gameplay but also when he or she chooses to withdraw his or her winnings.

What Is Ethereum All About?

For those customers not yet thoroughly acquainted with Ethereum and its uses, it is, quite simply, digital currency. Known as the simplest of all the electronic cash systems, instead of using money to pay to play online or withdrawing money for your winnings, you use your Ethereum balance instead.

Developed solely for the digital world, it makes perfect sense to add such currencies to the online gambling market. It encourages more customers to the site, as well as offers safer payment options and transactions overall.

This recent move only also serves to highlight Rich Casino as an innovative casino that is enthusiastic to capitalize on the phenomenon that is cryptocurrency and work with its popularity rather than ignore its very existence.

Rich Casino Capitalizes on Cryptocurrency Trends

When asked why Rich Casino has decided now is the right time to bring in a cryptocurrency, you must also ask why the casino would choose Ethereum. Why has it decided to opt for a somewhat more obscure cryptocurrency instead of one that nearly everyone has heard of, namely Bitcoin?

The answer is actually quite simple and well-played on the part of this casino. Rich Casino sees this move as an opportunity to utilize what it calls rapid growth in the Ethereum arena. While most everyday customers who have no cryptocurrency knowledge whatsoever may not have heard of Ethereum, it is indeed making waves in the digital world.

In fact, Ethereum is multiplying, and it may be because of its mining time. To mine a Bitcoin, you are looking at a time of around 10 minutes. However, to mine Ethereum, that time is reduced to as little as 15 seconds. This is vital when taking into account cryptocurrency preferences, and it seems to have it in the bag in this instance.

An Online Casino Embracing Technology

There’s no doubt that by taking such a monumental step to implement a digital currency, Rich Casino has highlighted itself as an online casino and has gotten itself some very intense publicity in the process.

The casino fully understands that to make the best of the digital world and stay ahead of competitors, it needs to be ready to offer several concepts that other similar online casinos do not currently have. That way, the casino stays ahead of the market and caters to the changing needs of its valued customers.

Further Improvements Made

On a similar note, Rich Casino has gone to incredible lengths not only to take the decision to implement cryptocurrency to its name, but it is doing so in the midst of overhauling and improving its entire website.

Recent efforts have seen the online casino update its site’s entire range and accessibility, concentrating predominantly on the mobile access the site offers to customers.

When you combine this dedication to keeping their online gaming area fresh and relevant to customer needs, as well as that of introducing a lesser-known cryptocurrency to some, Rich Casino is definitely the one to watch.

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