If you are a gamer, and you love to play video games on consoles or online, you are not alone. Researchers estimate that at least 210 million Americans play some kind of video game on some kind of device. That number represents close to 70 percent of the population. And, that means there are a lot of gamers out there. Often, people put gamers down and say that playing video games does not help you in life. We disagree. There are several areas in life where playing video games is a bonus. One of them, surprisingly, is gambling. Gamers often make the best online gamblers. If you’re not sure you can use your gaming activities to gamble successfully, we can give you some pointers. You can turn your video gaming habit into your new business or lucrative hobby.

First Step — Think of Gambling Like a Gamer

If you want to begin gambling online, you need to think like a gamer. Most people play video games as a hobby or a way to pass the time. They don’t take playing video games seriously. You need to approach gambling the same way. Gambling should be a fun pastime and as a form of entertainment. When you gamble, you need to look for tricks, tips or angles, the same way you approach a video game. You want to have fun gambling the same way you have fun playing video games.

With that in mind, have a specific amount of money you want to spend. Many gamblers have what they call a bankroll. This is the amount of money they have available to play. In general, gamblers are only willing to risk part of their bankrolls each day. For example, many gamblers will risk 25 percent of their bankrolls on any given day. Once they’ve lost that 25 percent, gamblers stop playing. Also, when gamblers make 25 percent of their bankrolls, they may choose to quit. Setting limits on gambling is helpful for everyone.

Beat the System with Bonus Codes

Video gamers are always looking for a way to beat the gaming system or the game. Because video gamers are always looking for angles, it makes them good gamblers. One way that gamblers can use the system to their advantage is through the use of bonus codes. Bonus codes give gamblers access to promotions and extras that gambling companies offer. Online casinos can’t offer perks the way land-based casinos can. The only way that online casinos can gain an advantage is through bonus codes. These codes get new gamblers to play online. Some bonus codes also work for repeat gamblers.

There are many types of bonus codes. You may see an introductory bonus or a deposit bonus. These bonuses give you extra money to play with when you make a deposit with the online casino. Some bonuses give you matching money or free spins when you continue to play. Gamers who take advantage of these bonuses can get more money to gamble with — without using their money.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Other Skills Gamers Have

Gamers are famous for their hand-eye coordination. Put that hand-eye coordination to good use. Pay attention to the online game you are playing. Notice the differences and how they change. Gamers also notice patterns during play and capitalize on them. You can use all those gaming skills to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to use the gaming skills you have learned over the years. That way, you can be successful in online gambling. You will make a great gambler. Good luck, and happy playing!

Switzerland Began Blocking Foreign-Based Gambling Sites July 1
For years, people have put their money in Swiss banks. The Swiss banking system is well-known around the world for its secrecy and its excellent service. Now, some of the money that people have made in Switzerland over the years from gambling is illegal. That’s because Swiss gamblers are no longer allowed to gamble on online sites that are not in Switzerland. This new law took effect on July 1.

Switzerland’s Gambling Industry

People know Switzerland for its financial and banking industry. It is also well-known for its skiing industry and resorts. However, gambling is not something people know the Swiss for. The country has 21 casinos. The largest is in Zurich. It has 400 slots and video poker machines, as well as 26 tables for table games. In the past, online casinos that were active in Switzerland were not domestic. Instead, casinos and online gambling companies from other countries dominated the online gambling market. In general, these online casinos were from Malta, the Isle of Man or the United Kingdom.

The New Law

The Swiss government has published a list of online gambling companies that the new law has blocked since July 1. There has been some serious opposition to the gambling changes. A lobby group gathered the 50,000 signatures needed to block them. The group argued the restrictions on gambling online deny Swiss citizens the freedom to use the Internet however they want. Swiss voters disagreed and voted the changes down by a large majority. Seventy-three percent agreed with the government’s decision to ban online gaming from outside the country.

The new law is one of the most restrictive on the European continent. The commission in charge of gambling, betting, and the Swiss lottery said the law should encourage domestic gambling online. The Swiss government estimates that its citizens spend more than $252 million on unregistered and unregulated betting sites each year. None of these sites has to pay money to the Swiss government. This part is just a portion of the overall Gambling Act, which governs all the gambling in Switzerland.

The Implications

There are several implications of the new law. First, the law encourages domestic companies to develop online gambling platforms. The Swiss government is hopeful that domestic companies will see record profits for gambling. That’s because the Swiss government taxes a significant percentage of gambling profits. The Swiss government was also hoping to curb online gambling addiction with the additional regulation. This has become a significant problem in the country. The government estimates of the 8 million people who live in Switzerland, more than 75,000 suffer from an addiction. Swiss officials have said that the government will use the money gathered from online gambling to fund anti-addiction initiatives.
There are Swiss companies that are already poised to take up the slack left by the companies the government blacklisted. The law will allow Swiss lotteries to offer sports betting on a variety of sports. Gamblers will be able to bet on sports online, as well as in kiosks located all over the country.

Nearly every place someone can buy a lottery ticket, he or she can also place a sports bet. Unlike online casino gambling, each state within Switzerland controls its lottery. This means the states make their laws.

In addition, the 21 Swiss casinos are now able to offer online gambling. The casinos can choose partners to help with their online gambling business. However, the business still has to be Swiss-controlled. It remains unclear how effective the new gambling laws will be in the country.

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