Metal and hard rock fanatics will rejoice this week, after its service provider ‘Gaming Innovation Group’ (GiG) recently announced they would be extending their existing partnership with one of their core operators ‘’, which will allow them to open up a sportsbook from early 2019.

The decision comes, after the model has proven to be a great success since its inception in 2017, especially when it comes to funneling in a particular demographic i.e. over 400 million rock and metal fans. With sports betting soon to be an option, the casino and gaming provider hope to extend their services whilst appealing to an even wider audience.

Chief Marketing Officer for Metal Casino Clas Dahlén said in a recent press release, “Metal Casino once again delivers on our brand promise, ‘All in for the fans’, by adding a new playground to our community. Metal and Rock fans enjoy both music and sports, which makes this launch a safe bet within our vertical strategy. With a loyal fan base and earned brand love, we hope to increase our superb conversion numbers even more entering the sport arena and new markets.”

Dahlén says the teams’ experience as well as statistics from the music industry proves that the Metal community is the most active on streaming services, and they are the most dependable and loyal people in the world.

“Creating a vertical marketing strategy, based on social media, collaborating with Metal artists as influencers and vertical Metal media is a game changing way to penetrate the marketing landscape out there. With a loyal fan base, Metal Casino therefore becomes highly marketing efficient. Being relevant creates loyalty and maximizes the retention and ROI,” she continues.

The gaming firm have already joined forces with some very big-name artists from the Metal scene, as well as several affiliates, however; only a small number of casinos will be eligible for an official partnership, as Metal Casino is currently exempt from the major revenue deductions that many large-scale operators incur.

Launch of Metcoins

GiG’s platform and promising business opportunities will enable the casino to define a new, vertical marketing strategy that will further tempt its players and draw in new, potential ones. One of the main features consists of the ‘Metal Casino World Tour’, which uses its own distinctive currency ‘Metcoins’. Members can sign up to this program, and after accumulating a certain amount of this currency, they will have the chance to win free concert tickets, merchandise, backstage artist passes, meet and greets and other rewards and incentives.

The new platform will launch through its front-end partner FAST TRACK solutions and offer a vast assortment of different games from some of the world’s leading providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt.

“We have decided to take our joint head-banging sessions to a new level and create some real magic. Collaborating with FAST TRACK Solutions as Front End developers and casino room management we have a strong partner for years to come” Dahlén also said.

“Metal Casino speaks out loud, we are the underdogs and we don’t give a sh*t about our competitors’ conventional marketing or offers. Keeping it real and staying true to our beliefs is something most people strive for. Few live up to it. Our members can count on us. As our brand platform describes, we are true, relevant and dedicated to our members and our beliefs. We are Metal Casino, we go all in for the fans!”

Metal Casino was launched in 2017 and is the first gaming establishment specifically tailored to this genre of music. The head founders have had over 30 years of experience in the scene, working with some of the biggest labels and most influential names in rock music, as well as several, reputable gaming and tech companies from around the globe including: Mr Green, EMI, Spotify, Microsoft, Apple ITunes and Universal Music.

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