Everything You Need to Know About E-cigarettes and Vaping

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, have become increasingly popular in the last few years. E-cigarette manufacturers designed them to replace mainstream tobacco cigarettes. They contain the same nicotine found in cigarettes, but they protect the user from the detrimental effects associated with them.

In the last 10 years, the e-cigarette industry has grown considerably, and it has made money in the billion-dollar range. In the United States alone, there are more than 460 e-cigarette brands available. Most people who start using e-cigarettes are active smokers or past smokers looking to give up smoking. They also want to minimize nicotine cravings or reduce their use of tobacco. But, e-cigarettes might not help people give up smoking entirely. A large percentage of the people who use e-cigarettes have yet to renounce tobacco cigarettes.

While most states have banned selling e-cigarettes to underage people, many teenagers still use them. A recent study has shown a large number of teens try e-cigarettes for the first time every year. And, the numbers increase from one year to another. Before we dive into more facts on e-cigs, let’s have a basic understanding of e-cigarettes and vaping.

So, What Are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are inhalers that are mostly operated using batteries. In most cases, you can recharge the batteries used in e-cigs. E-cigarettes also include a cartridge known as a cartomizer, as well as an LED. When a user puffs on an e-cig, the available LED will light up. At the moment, e-cigarettes aren’t regulated. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently proposed an agency review of all e-cigarette brands.

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves using an e-cigarette to breathe in water vapor. When an individual inhales on an e-cigarette, the battery heats the liquid inside the cartridge and it becomes vapor. The user then inhales the vapor produced by the e-cig. E-cigs vary from traditional cigarettes in several ways. For instance, they don’t have the harmful carcinogens that can be found in traditional cigarettes. Some of these carcinogens include vinyl chloride and arsenic. Second, e-cigarettes do not produce detrimental secondhand smoke the way traditional cigarettes do.

How to Choose Your First E-cigarette

How to Choose Your First E-cigarette

It is worth mentioning that vaping is very different from smoking. We should also mention that lighting up traditional cigarettes is much easier than vaping, which takes more time. Additionally, e-cigarettes need a charge and you must replace its parts continually. The e-liquid also requires frequent top-ups, especially when it starts to go down.

It is advisable to go for an e-cigarette that is easy to maintain. Also, always go for e-liquids that taste great to make your vaping experience enjoyable. You should know that the perfect e-cig doesn’t exist. What is important is for you to find the e-cig that works for you. If you need any sort of advice about e-cigs, consider talking to a counselor who specializes in smoking cessation. Similarly, you could read reviews online and see what others have to say about their experiences with different e-cigarettes.

It is difficult to figure out your preference when starting out. Therefore, consider experimenting with as many e-cigarettes as possible, and be patient. If you purchase an e-cigarette and you don’t like the experience, don’t just throw it away and purchase another one. Instead, consider changing the available e-liquid or change the way you inhale.

There are a lot of starter kits for new users to try and each comes with different features. Finding the best e-cig that works perfectly for you might take some time, but the wait is worth it.

How to Choose E-liquids

How to Choose E-liquids

When it comes to choosing your preferred e-liquid, you should consider the two things. You should think about its flavor and the amount of nicotine you need. If you are a heavy smoker, consider going for an e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength. If you are a light smoker, you should try one that has a lower nicotine strength. Choosing the right nicotine strength will help you with your cravings. If you still feel like smoking even after using e-cigarettes, consider increasing your e-liquid’s nicotine strength. Similarly, if you feel like you are consuming a lot of nicotine, reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid.

There are a variety of e-liquid flavors out there and choosing the right one is the hardest part. This is why you should vape more until you find the right flavor. Since e-liquids come in a variety of flavors, it is not easy to suggest the best one. Additionally, tastes vary from one person to another. Therefore, a taste that works for you might not work for someone else.

A lot of new vapers prefer starting off with either menthol or tobacco flavors. You can start with these two as well, and then switch later once you’ve become familiar with vaping.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

People switch to vaping from cigarette smoking for a variety of reasons, including financial reasons and health reasons. Once you’ve switched to vaping, it is important to avoid smoking triggers. The best way to do this is to identify what triggers your cravings and work to stop them. Many people experience cravings waking up in the morning, after eating or drinking coffee, or while driving.

Once you identify what triggers your cravings, you must then find a way to stop them before they fester. Make sure your e-liquid never runs out and there is always a charge on your battery. If you experience a craving, just take out your e-cigarette to avoid lighting a traditional one. If used the right way, e-cigarettes can help you quit the harmful habit of cigarette smoking.

Do E-cigarettes Have Any Health Risks?

Do E-cigarettes Have Any Health Risks

E-cigarettes have only been around for about a decade. This means that there isn’t enough evidence to show whether e-cigs have any health risks. Nevertheless, scientists are working tirelessly to find out whether using e-cigarettes can have adverse effects on users. Here is what medics know about e-cigarettes right now:

E-cigarettes contain the same nicotine that can be found in tobacco. Nicotine is addictive. Some e-cigarette brands have claimed to have nicotine-free products. But, researchers have discovered nicotine in them.

E-cigarettes can have adverse effects on everyone, including men, women, and children. Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine, pregnant women risk harming their unborn babies each time they vape. Additionally, the nicotine available in e-cigarettes can affect the normal growth of the brain, especially in children. It can also result in addiction if used for a long time. There is so much to discover about e-cigs. However, the adverse effects associated with the nicotine in their e-liquids should discourage people from using them.

Furthermore, e-cigs might contain plenty of other elements that might be detrimental to a user’s health. E-cigs claim to contain a small fraction of the chemicals available in traditional cigarettes. However, there can still be some harmful substances, such as heavy metals, present. Additionally, it has been discovered there are some flavors that might cause lung disease if used for a long period. Sitting next to a vaper has the potential of exposing you to harmful chemicals. They can expose you to aerosols, just like secondhand smoke from a traditional cigarette can affect someone.

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