How to Stream Your Favorite TV Shows for Free

It has become increasingly easy for people to stream their favorite TV shows online for free. All a person needs is a great broadband connection and the knowledge of what to search and where to search. The good news is that there are dozens of websites that allow viewers to access visual content free of charge. If you own a smartphone, TV, or computer, you do not need to spend money on satellite or cable TV. Do some digging on the Internet to find the sites that work for you and start enjoying your viewing experience.

Stream Your Favorite Shows Online for Free Legally


Start watching your favorite TV shows on YouTube for free. Over the years, YouTube has grown to become one of the largest video-streaming websites in the world. The ability of the site to offer videos of almost all quality types has greatly contributed to its popularity. The site also offers an opportunity to search and listen to your favorite music. You can always find your favorite series and TV shows on YouTube. However, because of copyright reasons, some TV shows might not be available.

You can also stream mainstream TV shows from The website works just like YouTube. It strives to offer all kinds of movies and shows professionally free of charge. Hulu is famous for its long menu of popular movies and mainstream TV shows. Most of the content Hulu offers is free. However, you can choose to pay a few bucks to gain access to more content per month.

Right now, offers a wide range of video content for free, but only a few popular films are available. At any given time, you’ll always find a blend of new and old TV shows on Hulu. It’s important to mention the free content offered by Hulu is relatively small, but it’s also relatively easy to search.

You can also stream your favorite shows free of charge from This website offers a wide array of video content just like YouTube. Additionally, just like YouTube, most content on Vimeo is available for watching at no cost. However, it does give you the option to part with a few dollars if you want to upgrade. That way, you can enjoy more and higher quality content. Note that most mainstream TV shows are unavailable on Vimeo. But, you can enjoy an array of small project shows.

Stream TV Shows from a Handful of Third-Party Websites

At this point, we should mention that watching illegal content on the Internet can get you in serious trouble. Stream a TV show off a third-party site without downloading it and you’ll never cross paths with the law. However, downloading content only to upload it later for other people to watch is 100 percent illegal. This is especially true if you don’t own the copyright. Additionally, it is illegal to stream content for your public performances.

There are lots of third-party websites where you can stream your favorite content at any time. A simple search for what you want will give you tons of results to choose from. Some popular websites to stream content from include Putlocker, Dailymotion, and Project Free TV. You can always find the shows you are looking for by being more specific in your Google search. For instance, let’s say you want to stream the latest episode of “Iron Fist.” Your search should be as follows: “Iron Fist full episode 10, season 4, free.”

Remember to always avoid the temptation to click “download” when streaming content from a free website. This is because most of these websites that offer free downloads are full of dubious ads and possible viruses. Your common sense will help you stay safe when interacting with some of these sites. If you have doubts about a particular site, do not click on any link. Instead, head straight to the video you want. Things to avoid when streaming a free film from a third-party website:

  • Ads
  • Download links
  • Texts that say “click here to update your browser” or “speed up your laptop.”

Learn to Make Good Use of Mirror Links

Most of the time, streaming websites don’t directly host the exact shows and TV series you want to watch. Think of streaming websites like filing cabinets that hold the right links to the episodes you are looking for. Clicking on a link during your Internet search will take you to another page with various links. Some links have names, such as MooShare, VidShare, etc. Usually, the links you come across contain the actual content. The website ranks the links according to usability.

Always stream your content from the highest ranked mirror links. Most of the time, the title of the content you are looking for will appear in bold and colored. Click on the link and it will redirect you to a whole new page containing a rectangular video player. If you aren’t redirected, close the page and click on another link.

Stream Content from Foreign Websites

You can also stream your desired content from foreign websites. You are less likely to get in trouble if you stream your favorites shows from Russian and/or Chinese websites. These countries have outdated copyright regulations. This makes their websites perfect for streaming movies. The best thing about these websites is that you’ll always find major films not available anywhere else. And, they are free.

You are advised to be a little more cautious when interacting with foreign websites. They are notorious for spyware and malware. Importantly, always avoid downloading content from foreign websites, and ensure you update your antivirus software at all times. Another drawback is that foreign sites have unusually sluggish load times. Unlike Western websites, foreign sites rely on hardware that is out of date. That makes their content load a little slower even if someone is using a fast computer.

Make Use of Torrent

Make Use of Torrent

In addition to being illegal, a torrent is a hotbed for viruses. Therefore, refrain from downloading content from a torrent to your laptop. You could infect your computer with viruses. You could also be made to pay a fine or serve jail time.

To use a torrent, you need to have a torrent client installed on your machine. There are a couple of clients you can download, including Vuze and uTorrent. Once you’ve installed a torrent client, it’s time to look for a torrent tracker site. Go for easy-to-navigate torrent tracker websites since they offer a lot of links and have minimum ads. The best torrent tracker sites contain copies of recent TV shows almost immediately after their release. When looking for content on a torrent tracker site, use shorthand, such as “show name s10e23,” Be sure to read a few comments to confirm whether the content works.

Protect Your Computer

To ensure that your computer is always protected, you should install strong antivirus software. You don’t want to stream content online and expose your computer to viruses and malware. You can also avoid bugs and viruses by exercising caution when online. For instance, never click on suspicious advertisements and never download any content from third-party sites. There are dozens of antivirus software to download, including AVG and Sophos.

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