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Las Vegas is tempting for more than its frivolous attitude toward life. The city in the middle of the desert is an oasis of high life and all thrills you may have been postponing so far. You needn’t look long before you find what you have come for! Lined with casinos and hotels, the streets offer the weary traveler exquisite pleasures and the baking sun overhead signals a need to escape. A cold beverage is in store for you at any time of the day or night. And, if you want to make your visit a little more memorable, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for the occasional brush with a celebrity. Yes, if you want to run into Nicolas Cage or Ed Sheeran or an Elvis Presley impersonator, Las Vegas may be a good starting point.

Spotting the Celebs – A Quick Guide

What we love about Las Vegas is how openly it allows people to mingle. You want to hobnob with someone of importance, that someone could be the person sitting next to you. Even though most of the places these gentlemen and ladies visit tend to be rather pricey, many tourists love to spend a pretty dollar on the VIP experience.

Nobu – A Place for a Bite

Robert De NiroIf you ever find yourself at Nobu, part of Caesars Palace, your chances of spotting a celebrity are looking up. Nobu was co-founded by Robert De Niro, who clearly has a flair for cooking and loves the occasional tasty bite himself. The interior is quite expensive and strewn with black-ash sculptures adding to the Romanesque ambiance of the place. The culinary sublimeness is guaranteed by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, whose name hangs over the entrance. And, if you want to run into a celebrity, David Rockwell, Jonah Hill, David and Victoria Beckham, and Faith Hill have all been spotted here.

Omnia Nightclub – Caesars Palace

Omnia NightclubIf you think Caesars Palace is a magnet for celebrities, you have guessed correctly. It’s quite evident that people who have been in the spotlight for the better part of their lives are quite readily drawn to the glitz and glamour of the Caesars brand. From the places where you can enjoy an amazing meal to hotbeds for nightlife, Caesars brings you all you’ll ever need. The impeccable interiors are a dear promise for nights full of excitement and they are easily the pull for any celebrity in the immediate vicinity.

The Omnia Nightclub is just that – a place where artists love to mingle and perform. Justin Bieber had his 21st birthday there. Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Naomi Campbell, and Katherine McPhee have all been spotted there, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The venue is a perfect fit for any famous person who wants to hold a blast of a party.

Bare at the Mirage

Bare at the MirageAs you may have guessed, this is a swimming pool area that sprawls on 14,000 square feet. That is quite an achievement. The facility will also allow you to sunbathe topless if you so desire. Of course, it’s not always available to everyone. More often, the celebrities will opt for the VIP lounge where a dedicated swimming pool allows everyone of a higher stature to kick back and not have to worry about the prying eyes of the public. Several people of note have been spotted there, including Britney Spears, Tommy Lee, and even Slash! One wonders what Slash may be hiding underneath that hair and hat!

Andrea’s at the Wynn

Andrea’s at the WynnStars, too, love a hearty bite, and there’s no shame in any of that! The glitzy restaurant will definitely be a pulling point for the majority of hungry celebrities. The food is courtesy of Joseph Elevados, and you will certainly find the place buzzing with the chatter of representatives of the highest stratum of society. We ourselves would definitely go to Andrea’s to satiate our appetites for meeting celebs but also to enjoy a wonderful meal that can be shared with friends. And, if we’re not pushing our luck too far, why not a celebrity. A loner standing out in the crowd could be a brilliant opportunity for you to strike up a great acquaintance.

Touring the Hotels

Hard Rock Hotel & CasinoLet’s be honest, even you will need some rest after an intense day of hunting for celebrities. We certainly hope you didn’t take the “hunt” quite so literally. In any event, you can choose how to handle the situation yourself. We are here to help you boost your chances of actually seeing a person who you may be interested in! And, what better way than carefully picking the hotel you may want to crash in for the night.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is definitely quite high on our list. Pamela Anderson and Chris Brown, along with a few others, have been seen on the premises. Fancy something different? Why not check out the Palms Casino Resort where Britney Spears has made an appearance in the past. The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino seems to be another decent option when it comes to checking in. The Mirage Hotel & Casino will tempt you with Josh Duhamel.

While this is all very fine, would you really care to spend the night in? Really? Las Vegas is agog all throughout the day, but it’s at night when things get really hot. It’s Las Vegas, so it’s probably safe to assume that the temperature is somewhere north of the comfort zone, but still!

If you are torn between picking a time for your exploits in Las Vegas, we’d recommend that Las Vegas’ nightlife is definitely the option that you should pick. With this in mind, you can begin your exploits as soon as the golden disk evaporates beyond the horizon.

The Odd Encounters

katy perryWith all this talk about the glitz of party venues, we have certainly overlooked one of the most common ways people sight celebrities. Sometimes they just run into them on the street. A panting Kanye West won’t be spotted bailing out from the Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan, but if you spend some time around Lavo Italian Restaurant, you can run into Katy Perry.

Of course, you shouldn’t get too complacent with your obsession to meet celebrities! After all, the majority of these people, although they are used to staying in the eye of the public, would love their occasional respite as well. So, even if you happen to see Brad Pitt on the street, try to be respectful if he doesn’t want to swap words with you. Although knowing Brad Pitt, he may just tell you to go away, half-jokingly, we hope.

Las Vegas – A Paradise for Us All

Las Vegas is the common denominator – a city built in the middle of the desert, a sort of modern-day Mecca built for us to satisfy our innermost desires. The city will afford you the opportunity to do what you want to achieve your long-term goals. Make no mistake – even if you are just casually walking throughout the city, you are bound to run into a handful of people who have been all over TV or spend most of their time in Hollywood or on the stage. It’s just what the city does – it’s a paradise for all of us.

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