Once a dilapidated dump, downtown Las Vegas was the neglected stepchild of the Strip, where the Real Action was. In recent years, downtown Vegas has risen from its depths of despair to find a new place in the desert sun.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, in 2014 only 36% of visitors said they had visited downtown. In 2018, that number grew to 46%, and downtown casinos saw a 6% revenue rise from the previous year. Meanwhile on the Strip, casino revenue fell 0.3%.

The Fremont Street Experience

As the Strip evolved from a dusty road in Vegas with cheap all-you-can-eat buffets to a ritzy boulevard full of megaresort casinos and Michelin-starred restaurants, downtown developers came upon a novel idea: rebuild downtown Vegas as an alternative to the Strip.

The Fremont Street Experience is just that: it promises visitors a full Vegas experience in addition to the casinos. Visitors can stroll through a revitalized art district, fill up at street food vendors, and enjoy free live music events from blockbuster entertainers. And then there’s the 2-for-$5 Budweiser promos.

Fremont Street is home to a long stretch of casinos and attractions under a lighted glass canopy, a sort of open air circus of sorts. Colorful video projections flash and dazzle visitors strolling under the evening sky.

And while $100 steak dinners served by celebrity chefs on the Strip will always be appealing, sometimes a punter just wants to wash down a $9.95 steak with 2 $5 Buds – just like in the old days of Vegas.

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