Viva Vision, the largest video screen in the world, will brighten up the New Year when it flips on its new light show after a $32 million renovation. Part of the Fremont Street Experience, Viva Vision forms a canopy completely covering the street which is home to the most iconic casinos in Las Vegas.

A Dazzling NYE

Las Vegas has never been afraid of the spotlight. In fact, the sheer number of lights concentrated in one place makes Las Vegas the brightest spot on earth. And dumping $32 million to add more flair to the giant screen in the air is par for the course.

What does $32 million buy in Viva Las Vegas Vision? Technology has moved at the speed of light, so the dim bulbs of yesteryear needed a major LED upgrade – to the tune of nearly 50 million LED bulbs. The resulting blast of lights will be 7 times brighter than before, with 4x the resolution. What that means is that the newly upgraded screen can project its spectacular vision 24/7, even in broad daylight. LED lights also save energy and last longer than conventional bulbs.

And you can expect more than just a dazzling light show. Vibrant, colorful video imagery will move along with spectacular sound thundering from 600,000 watts of speakers along the street. The New Year’s Eve show pairs the Viva Vision lights with live music and DJs all night – and well into the New Year.

Home of the Original Las Vegas Casinos

Contrary to popular belief, the Las Vegas Strip isn’t the original gambling mecca in town. In fact, the Strip isn’t even in Las Vegas, but located in Paradise, Nevada, just outside of the city. The original gambling scene started on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas with venerable old favorites like Golden Nugget, Golden Gate, and Binion’s.

Before the Strip even got started in the late 1930s, Fremont Street casinos were chugging along from 1906 through the Roaring ‘20s. Neon wasn’t born here, but it certainly reached adulthood on Fremont Street. A place originally called Binion’s Horseshoe put poker on the map with the original World Series of Poker.

And with a nostalgic wave and nod to the early boomtown days of Las Vegas, a familiar neon cowboy still stands tall and waves from his casino corral: Vegas Vic is alive and well under the new neon Viva Vision canopy high overhead. Still waving and welcoming visitors for nearly 70 years, Vegas Vic got his own renovation in 1998.

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