What’s Better? Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Sling TV or Playstation Vue?

Which service do you choose if you want to watch TV or movies? Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue all offer content to the public at discounted rates. The services normally offer shows at very low prices per month. It is always the responsibility of the client to know which of the options they prefer to choose. Each service has different features. These service providers offer a unique way for the family to watch TV shows as well as movies. In this article, we’ll look at the various aspects that are key to selecting the content you wish to watch. In some cases, a mix of the services may work best. In other cases, one provider may be the best-suited to take care of the needs of its clients.

1. Price

PriceThe different service providers charge different prices for the services that they offer to their clients. Amazon has two options when it comes to the subscriptions that it offers to its clients. The client can either pay $119 each year or $13 per month. The two versions provide the same content to the client. The conditions for shipping are similar and the discount rates are the same for many items. The provider also offers video streaming, as well as music streaming, on demand. 4K Ultra HD content is available at no extra cost to the client. You can also share the account with your friends, as well as your family members.

Netflix offers a range of subscription prices that run from $8 per month all the way to $14 per month. The charge per month is dependent on the resolution that you intend to have. SD resolution will cost you $8 per month. Users can only enjoy watching content with SD resol on one device at a time. HD resolution usually costs $11 per month and it is available on two devices each month. You can get the 4K Ultra HD resolution at a cost of $14 per month. You can enjoy it on a total of four devices each month.

Hulu offers its services for a range of $8 dollars a month all the way to $12 each month. The package that is $12 a month provides coverage free of any commercials. The package that is $8 a month offers regular service. The provider also offers a subscription of $40  per month and a client can enjoy streaming live TV.

Sling TV and PlayStation Vue offer streaming live TV to their clients. Sling TV offers a blue package and an orange package. The orange package retails at $5 per month and the blue package costs $25 a month. Consumers can enjoy using the two packages at a total price of $40 per month. PlayStation Vue offers three packages. Access retails for $45 per month. Core retails at $50 per month and Elite retails at $60 per month.

2. Content

One provider, in particular, dominates this category. Netflix spends about $8 billion each year on the material that it offers to its clients. The provider also offers a wide range of international films to its clients. In addition to the volume that the service provides, you should also look at the type of services available. Hulu and Amazon offer the TV episodes that are currently airing on TV now. The two can also provide TV episodes from other networks as they air.

However, Amazon does not offer these episodes for free. Netflix offers episodes that are a season behind what is currently on television. The significant difference is users can access a wide range of shows that are a year older than when they aired. The choice in this category is dependent on the preferences of the client. The choice also depends on the combinations that are at his or her disposal. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue usually offer episodes that are currently airing on their live streaming TV.

3. Devices that they support

Netflix is normally accessible on an extensive range of devices. The preference is dependent on the needs of the client. The Netflix logo is normally displayed on the remote directly to have easier access to the network. Hulu is also almost everywhere and, mostly, in its original user interface. Hulu is the only streaming network that is compatible with Nintendo Switch. Amazon is not available on Chromecast or the Ultra Version, however. And, this is is a major gap. The main reason Amazon is not available on the device is that Amazon and Google are direct competitors. It would be unimaginable for direct rivals to advertise each other while still trying to outdo each other. You can find Amazon on the new Apple 4K TV. The device provides sound only in stereo mode and is available on the app.

4. Ease of use

Ease of useNetflix is quite easy to use because the service provider arranges the movies in an orderly manner. It also offers suggestions to its clients on what movies it thinks they should see. The home screen also offers a top picks category where users can find the movies people view the most. Recently, the network switched from its usual star rating to a thumbs up rating. This choice was not popular with its users. The interface of the network is universal. Consumers can use it across a wide range of devices as compared to the other networks.

Hulu is quite easy to use because of the simplified interface. The categories that are being offered by the network include kids, keep watching, and movies. You can also enjoy premium channels on this network. The shows can be put up on the main interface of the network. Amazon Prime offers a more scattered interface that is not as simple to use as the other networks. However, the improvements in the interface have made it easier for users to use it.

5. Video and audio quality

All the networks offer 1080p streaming to their clients, as well as 4K Ultra HD streaming. The main difference between the networks is that Netflix charges its clients for the extra 4K HD streaming. The other networks offer the streaming for free but only a number of devices can use them. The streaming quality on Netflix is uniform across all devices and is only dependent on the subscription of the user. For example, Hulu offers 4K streaming on the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One S. The television set should also be 4K enabled to make sure the quality is the best.

In terms of the quality of the audio, Netflix offers subtitles to the clients in Dolby Atmos. The network also offers 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound on a number of different contents. Other networks can only offer a 5.1 surround sound and the various gadgets that can play them.


It is quite hard for a user to decide the network of choice based on one category alone. It is essential to look at the various aspects listed above so that the client can make a well-informed decision. The user should compare each one. Then, the client should use different combinations to determine the network that is best suited for him or her.

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